Friday, 30 August 2013

Behind The Scenes!

Hello Everyone, Jess here! We have decided to give you an insight into our world, a behind the scene's pass into our Sheffield workshop. Show you what we get up to while we are working away, enjoy!

 That's right! All our products are handmade to order right here in our tiny workshop. This is the sign/giant necklace we have hanging in our window.
This is our workshop from the outside, (abit scruffy, we know) but we are just too busy designing and making jewellery to do anything with it just yet. When we get around to it, it will look fabulous, promise ;) Lets take a look inside....

 Okay so here we are, my desk. As you can see, neat and tidy, for a change ;). This is where i pack all the orders, design the A+E jewellery and spend a whole lotta time on pinterest looking at cakes (I'm a baker)

Just a few thing's i need to pack the orders with, stamps, organza bags and business and jewellery care cards (and sometimes sweets!) I have no idea why i have 'Jergens' ultra healing hand cream on my desk, but doesn't it make me look professional ;)

 At the moment, we are using flamingo paper to wrap our orders in, but its changes with seasons. We think its quite cute!

 Just some of the orders i have packed today (I should be packing more now but got carried away with the blog) Also notice its a Asda bag for life ;)

 Our vintage stereo! We listen too Radio 1 every single day (We are both slightly in love with Greg James)

 This is where the magic happens. Our laser cutting machine cuts the perspex in all the designs we could ever want, if only it was pink not brick red! :(
 The brains of the business, Kayleigh hard at work, sorting our new website out (and for some reason timing herself to see how fast she can do it, weirdo) This is her desk, she makes all the jewellery, sorts out all the costings, lists everything on the website, deals with customers and stockist, pretty much everything!

A selection of chains and jump rings for our jewellery..

So we are at the end of our behind the scenes journey, ill leave it by telling you all why we have this weird stripey vintage jumper in our workshop.
As with most business's, Christmas is the busiest time of the year for us, and at Christmas, we are normal working into the night, working till 3am some nights, in middle of the winter, making and packing orders for all our lovely customers. We have 1 heater for the shop, but without this jumper, we would of frozen to death, it's a life saver! and not to mention we look really good in it ;)


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