Thursday, 22 August 2013

Our Day at ASOS!

Hi! Last month i was sorting my emails and found a very interesting one from ASOS Marketplace!
We have an ASOS Marketplace boutique, so were invited ASOS's seller summer school. It was a really fun day where we had some talks on how to improve our boutique and ultimately make more sales.

Kayleigh (me)

We had to get the train pretty early from Sheffield to London (like 6:25am! yikes) but we kept our energy up by scoffing chocolate and sweets on the train.

When got to ASOS and got a cute goodie bag with note book & usb stock with a seller tips pdf on :)

We had talks on how to set up a business (which we did many a year ago) Then a presentation from a photographer on how to take better photos, something i definitely struggle with. We also had a little update from the guys and gals behind ASOS Marketplace on what they're upto and what new features are going to be added to the site, all very exciting.

A quick break for lunch, mini fish & chips, hamburgers & cake pops! 
Jess going in for a cake pop!
Mini Fish and Chips and burgers!

Then we a social media chat with Gem Fatale a blogger and social media whizz that works for company magazine.

Later we had a chat with House of Jam, they shared there story so we could learn from what they've done, kind of like a case study.

Finally the day ended with a panel where we got to ask some questions. 

Wow so what a day, very inspiring, very exciting and defiantly very useful. I'd recommend this to any sort of handmade & vintage fashion businesses out there, we had a really good day and learnt lots, super excited to put some new ideas into Sour Cherry

Our ASOS Marketplace Boutique- Sour Cherry

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